Arcadia 2025 Adaptive Strategy

Theme Four Strategic Goal #3: Fortifying Unified and Compelling Storytelling

Revised September 8, 2020

Objective #1:

Launch an Institutional Branding Initiative

Create a brand platform that is authentic to Arcadia, based on market research.


  • Conduct stakeholder research and develop a brand platform
  • Establish a comprehensive story development plan
  • Launch a brand strategy that expands institutional brand awareness and engages the community in the brand position, pillars, personality, and personas.


  • Cost to attract and enroll a new student
  • Qualified leads, applicants, and prospects
  • Stories and mentions about faculty, staff, and students posted on Arcadia global platforms


Initiative Spring 2020; Build Brand Awareness 3-year plan


Objective #2:

Centralize a University Marketing Strategy

Unify and centralize the University’s market dynamics, demographics, and competitive benchmarking.


  • Create a Comprehensive Global University Marketing Plan that crosses all relevant units of the institution
  • Overhaul of the website


  • Evidence-based usability testing results
  • Website traffic, new users, geographic locations, and all subsites
  • Graduate program inquiries, qualified leads, enrollment yield
  • Placements, inquiries, and engagements of Arcadia stories in a global media market


Develop a strategy - 1 year