Arcadia 2025 Adaptive Strategy

Theme One Strategic Goal #2: Transforming Lives and Communities through Strategic Enrollment

Revised September 8, 2020

Objective #1:

Increase Undergraduate Enrollment and Diversity through New Recruitment and Enrollment Strategies

Arcadia will develop comprehensive, innovative, and contemporary strategies that will redefine how students are recruited and enrolled at the University.


  • Develop a data-informed three-year comprehensive undergraduate recruitment and enrollment plan (including international)
  • Revise current practices to maximize yield
  • Assess, evaluate, and revise the campus guest experience
  • Establish a campus-wide approach for transfer student success


  • Yield rate
  • First-year student enrollment in the fall term
  • New transfer student enrollment in the fall term
  • Students from diverse backgrounds
  • New market opportunities identified
  • Conversion of visitors to enrolled students
  • Transfer students retained


Phase 1 of new plan deployed for the Fall 2021 recruiting cycle (starting Summer 2020)


Objective #2:

Increase Graduate Enrollment through a Strategy Focused on Program Mix and Recruitment

Leveraging its unique mix of programmatic and professional strengths, Arcadia will develop and execute a graduate program strategy that delivers compelling professional growth, extends Arcadia’s brand, amplifies its social impact, and generates new revenue.


  • Assess graduate program mix for market alignment and, based on the results, develop plans for launching new programs
  • Develop an adaptive Graduate Enrollment Plan


  • Total applications for fall enrollment in graduate programs
  • Yield rate for graduate students
  • Tuition discount rate for graduate students
  • Market share in recruiting regions
  • New market expansion opportunities identified


Market analysis completed by March 2020; New Program Development process launched in Fall 2020