Arcadia 2025 Adaptive Strategy

Theme One Strategic Goal #3: Empowering Students Through Transformational Teaching, Learning, Mentoring, and Research

Revised September 9, 2020

Objective #1:  

Implement Whole-life Advising and Planning 

Implement an advising framework designed to support our students as they pursue academic and life goals at Arcadia and beyond.


  • Conduct an advising self-study and external review
  • Design a broader and more inclusive network of positions, programs, and offices that will provide academic, co-curricular, and career advising for students
  • Launch professional development activities to better equip advisors to work with graduate and undergraduate students on academic, co-curricular, and career goals


  • Undergraduates making satisfactory academic progress 
  • Students’ perception of importance and satisfaction with academic advising 
  • Graduating seniors and new alumni who report that a faculty or staff member helped them to connect with their current employer 


Conduct advising study/review in Summer 2020; Launch workshops in Fall 2020; 
Design of more inclusive advising network by January 2021

Objective #2:  

Expand our Commitment to Teaching, Learning, Mentoring, and Research

Grounded in the belief that the entire Arcadia community should be committed to transforming lives, and recognizing the opportunities for pedagogical innovation across all disciplines, we will create a physical and virtual entity that builds capacity within and across units, roles, and programs to deliver on Arcadia’s mission, vision, and values.


  • Establish a Center for Teaching, Learning, and Mentoring (CTLM, multi-phase implementation)
  • Develop an outreach strategy and support system for Inclusive Pedagogy Framework (see Goal #1, Objective #1)
  • Deepen support for faculty research and expand student involvement


  • Faculty, staff, and student participation in CTLM programming
  • Faculty efforts published, exhibited, presented that involve students
  • Students presenting research and creative work regionally, nationally, and globally 
  • Grants submitted, secured that involve students
  • User agreement that CTLM (Phase I) is an important University resource for building capacity within and across the institution


Form CTLM Working Group/develop pilot programming for rollout in Fall 2020; Establish CTLM physical space to start in Fall 2020