Arcadia 2025 Adaptive Strategy

Theme Three Strategic Goal #3: Strengthening, Connecting, and Amplifying Civic Life

Revised September 8, 2020

Objective #1:

Promote Dialogue and Safeguard Open Expression

Promote engaged discourse through clear frameworks for open expression and a renewed emphasis on dialogue and debate.


  • Create lectures, seminars, and dialogueseries (e.g., Ten-Minute Teach-In) to open minds to new ideas and cultivate new ways of thinking
  • Create training sessions for participants to lead difficult dialogues


  • Percentage of training participants who go on to facilitate dialogues
  • Number of campus lectures, panels, and events about contentious issues or contemporary policy debates


Pilot Ten-Minute Teach-Ins before Fall 2020; Launch training offerings in Fall 2020


Objective #2:

Expand Community-engaged Teaching and Learning in Local and International Settings

Provide applied learning opportunities for students to practice community engagement and produce meaningful outputs beyond the traditional classroom.


  • Expand and diversify structured, for-credit community-engaged courses enabling students to gain real-world experience while serving and learning in cross-cultural contexts 


  • Number of community-engaged academic offerings each semester
  • Number of students participating in communityengaged learning experiences annually
  • Percentage of Arcadia’s global centers offering a community-engaged course each semester
  • Number of international service-learning courses in Spring 2020/Spring 2021
  • Percentage of community site leaders who report their associated Arcadia course has made a positive difference for them and they would welcome continued/future collaboration


Initial Training - Spring 2020; Expanded offerings - Fall 2020