Arcadia 2025 Adaptive Strategy

Theme Two Strategic Goal #2: Implementing a Holistic Approach to Student Success and Achievement

Revised September 8, 2020

Objective #1:

Create a Collaborative Model for Student Experience

Enlist the campus community in creating an institutional climate supportive of student success by integrating student-focused systems and service.


  • Form a cross-functional Student Experience Task Force
  • Develop a Student Experience Vision Statement
  • Identify key initiatives for improving support of student success and achievement


  • Cross-functional units actively represented and participating in Student Experience Task Force and initiatives
  • Student Satisfaction Construct (NSSE)
  • Student Engagement Construct (NSSE)
  • Key Initiatives and outcomes identified


End of May 2020 - 6 months


Objective #2:

Develop a Practice that Informs, Facilitates, and Improves the Well-being of Students

Create a uniquely Arcadia framework based on best practices for inclusive excellence, student success, achievement, belonging, and well-being.


  • Expand the use of student surveys for assessment and benchmarking
  • Develop a Thrive Index instrument that can be applied to various student cohorts


  • Assessment and benchmarking opportunities for student experience, satisfaction, and success (i.e., NSSE, SSI, GSS)
  • Areas of student experience assessed and benchmarked (i.e., transition, well-being, habits of the mind, satisfaction)
  • First-year student transition and engagement
  • Correlation between Thrive Index and traditional student success measures


1-3 months for prototype instruments; 12 months for the fully formed instruments