Arcadia 2025 Adaptive Strategy

Theme Two Strategic Goal #3: Championing a “Student at the Center” Framework

Revised September 9, 2020

Objective #1:

Design a Robust New-Student Experience from Acceptance to the First Day of the Second Year

Through thoughtful attention to our students’ experience during their first year at Arcadia, including first-year, transfer and graduate students, design a comprehensive plan for this timeframe that includes targeted programs and communication plans which facilitate curricular and co-curricular activities, reflection, and learning.


  • Identify and strengthen opportunities to enhance new students’ experience • Design programs to develop these opportunities • Develop a graduate student survey to measure engagement, satisfaction, expectations, and priorities


  • New Student Engagement, Satisfaction (e.g., NSSE - construct)
  • Average first term GPA of new students (FYS/TR/Grad)
  • Credit accumulation and satisfactory academic progress
  • Curricular and co-curricular collaborations and opportunities for students
  • New student retention rates fall to spring and fall to fall (FYS/TR/Grad) strong JEDI and/or Global content


Design - 6 months; Pilot - 12 months

Objective #2:

Provide High-quality, Meaningful Opportunities For Parents and Family Members to Engage with the Arcadia Community

Integrate critical elements of successful, sustainable, and scalable programs that seek to inform and connect families to the Arcadia community in impactful ways.


  • Identify and create opportunities for family engagement
  • Develop communication programs for families to support their students throughout their Arcadia Experience


  • Outreaches that inform families about programs, events, and opportunities to engage
  • Social media engagement • Participation of families and guests at orientation
  • Participation of families and guests at family weekend
  • Professional development on family and community engagement
  • Parent giving
  • Participation from parents of underserved/ represented groups


July 2020 - 8 months