Aspirational Steering Committee (5-and 10-year)

The compiled feedback and themes from the campuswide working-session have led to the establishment of three steering committees: the Budget Task Force, a Shared Governance Committee, and an Aspirational Committee (5-and 10-year). Volunteers from the communitywide session will serve on each steering committee. Steering committees will be led by appointed co-chairs. The President and Provost will convene an Executive Committee, which will, in collaboration with the Board, review and refine steering committee recommendations.

Aspirational Steering Committee (5-and 10-year)

Arcadia’s vision statement will help us articulate our aspiration and enable us to identify strategic priorities and initiatives to realize our mission. This steering committee will provide diverse, ambitious, and creative perspectives in enhancing liberal arts excellence at Arcadia and beyond.

  • Collect and conduct a review of pre-existing data, including, but not limited to, prior strategic plans, accreditation self-study, mission statement, benchmarking data, and values to inform the development of a draft vision statement and themes. Liaisons from Communications/marketing, Enrollment Management, Facilities, and Development will share critical information with the committee based on external reviews that will be conducted in fall 2018.
  • Identify gaps in our data and recommend processes to collect the data.
  • Develop a draft vision statement and identify major themes of interest for the University to explore for the next 5 and 10 years.
  • The University will extend its current strategic plan until 2019, and the committee will recommend an inclusive process to develop a new strategic plan. The committee will determine how our accreditation self-study can inform our strategic planning process.

The vision will be informed by the following principles:

  1. A pioneering, bold, and courageous vision.
  2. A vision that allows us to be nimble and adaptable.
  3. A vision that is achievable and sustainable.
  4. A student-centered vision.
  5. A vision that prioritizes scholarly pursuits and positive transformation in the community and the world.
  6. A vision that is co-created, understood, and embraced by Arcadia’s diverse stakeholders.

December-February 2019 
Concept Revision: Create recommendations for the process to develop a strategic plan. Executive Committee will present draft vision and themes to the Board.

November-December 2018 
Concept Refinement: Review feedback, make appropriate changes, and publish for community review.

September-October 2018 
Publish draft vision statement and themes (five-year and ten-year) for community review.

September 2018 
The committee will participate in a second communitywide session in September 2018 to update the community.

July-September 2018
Develop a draft vision statement for community review. What are the pertinent themes for the next five years? Ten years?

June-August 2018
Conduct review of benchmarking data, past strategic plans, and other pertinent information. Identify gaps in our data and recommend processes to collect the data. Identify major themes and priorities from Arcadia’s past.