Budget Task Force

The compiled feedback and themes from the campuswide working-session have led to the establishment of three steering committees: the Budget Task Force, a Shared Governance Committee, and an Aspirational Committee (5-and 10-year). Volunteers from the communitywide session will serve on each steering committee. Steering committees will be led by appointed co-chairs. The President and Provost will convene an Executive Committee, which will, in collaboration with the Board, review and refine steering committee recommendations.

Budget Task Force

In order to build community-wide communication and literacy concerning the Arcadia University budget, the 2018 Budget Task Force will convene to develop structures and programs to support community input on decision making.

  • Develop a financial literacy training program to meet the needs of our diverse stakeholders.
  • Serve as an advisory group for President’s Cabinet to balance the 2018-19 budget.
  • Provide recommendations to President’s Cabinet on strategies to institutionalize transparency, communication, and input for budget planning.
  • Develop an inventory of ideas generated from the April 20 communitywide session. Prioritize the ideas and work with the Aspirational Committee to continue the process and align ideas with the University’s vision.

May-October 2018
Steering Committee will meet monthly with relevant President’s Cabinet members to discuss the current status of the budget assumptions. The committee will provide feedback and recommendations on strategies to balance the budget.

May-November 2018
The committee will develop a financial literacy program and will rollout the training in collaboration with University administration.

September 2018
The committee will participate in a second communitywide session in September 2018 to present a priority of ideas derived from the April 20 communitywide session. The committee will also provide an update on the FY2019 budget.

November 2018
The committee will develop recommendations for a communications and deliberation framework regarding budget planning. The framework will incorporate roles and responsibilities of governing bodies, while ensuring transparency and collective input.