Shared Governance and Transparency Committee

The compiled feedback and themes from the campuswide working-session have led to the establishment of three steering committees: the Budget Task Force, a Shared Governance Committee, and an Aspirational Committee (5-and 10-year). Volunteers from the communitywide session will serve on each steering committee. Steering committees will be led by appointed co-chairs. The President and Provost will convene an Executive Committee, which will, in collaboration with the Board, review and refine steering committee recommendations.

Shared Governance and Transparency Committee

The Shared Governance and Transparency Committee will build on the undertaken by the Faculty Senate’s 2016-2017 Shared Governance Task Force.

  • Develop a set of pilot practices, which uphold an inclusive leadership vision, to be implemented and assessed during the 2018-2019 academic year.
  • Develop communication strategies for campus committees, along with representative committee membership structures.
  • Assess methods for determining effectiveness of the pilot initiatives (assessment to be conducted in Spring & Summer 2019).
  • Establish a community-wide definition of “shared governance.”
  • Update the community on progress by soliciting feedback through the community website and provide the preliminary pilot model to the President for discussion by August 1, 2018.

May-August, 2018
Committee will review work completed by Faculty Senate’s Shared Governance Task Force in 2016-17 and determine the structure of the pilot implementation. The committee will develop an implementation plan for community input on the definition of shared governance.

August, 2018
The committee will present the working definition and pilot of shared governance model to the community.

September, 2018
The committee will participate in a second communitywide session in September 2018 to update the community.

August-December, 2018
The committee will revise the University’s working definition of shared governance and collect feedback from committees and governance structures included in the pilot. The committee will develop a list of policy changes that must occur to build the foundations for shared governance

January-March, 2019
The committee will assess and review the impact of the shared governance pilot. The committee will also develop (redraft) policy to accommodate University shared governance (if determined necessary).

March-May, 2019
The committee will determine and build a full implementation of shared governance structures for the 2019-2020 academic year.