Artists’ ABCs: Artistic Interpretations of the Alphabet

October 30–November 21, 1986
Beaver College Art Gallery


Beaver College will host a special exhibition o children's book art at the Beaver College Art Gallery, Easton and Church Roads from October 30 through November 21, 1986. "Artists' ABCs: Artistic Interpretations of the Alphabet" will feature the original art of major award-winning artists, including Leonard Baskin, one of America's premier graphic artists. Baskin's etchings will be the first public showing from a forthcoming alphabet book.

Marcia Brown, Arlene Alda, Rachel Isadora, Leo and Diane Dillon, Kate Duke, Bruce McMillan, Martin and Alice Provensen, and John Wallner have won prestigious awards and been recognized by art, library, and education associations. Ted Harrison is a highly-respected artist from the Canadian Yukon whose work has been honored around the world.

The show will consist of the original art work produced for ABC books, exemplifying each artist's conception of the English alphabet. Original sketches, proofs, and wordblocks will be displayed to show the process of creating an illustration. A collection of modern ABC toys, courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Elliot's Toy Shop in Jenkintown, also will be exhibited, and outstanding children's alphabet books will be for sale.

Throughout the exhibition, special workshops will be held to demonstrate ways in which children's alphabet books can stimulate the imagination, be interpreted on many levels, and teach a wide array of concepts beside the ABCs. Dr. Lee from the Korean Association; Bill Thompson, a Lenape Indian storyteller; and Bertha Washington, an East African educator, are some of the workshop leaders. These workshops are by registration only and are filling rapidly.

"This exhibition is a very unique concept," said Dr. Bette Goldstone, organizer of the exhibition. "Illustration, particularly children's book illustration, is not always given its due. We want to expand the public's knowledge and show that illustrating for children's literature is an art form in itself and not meant just for children."

The exhibition and accompanying activities are funded and supported by the Children's Literature Foundation, Mellon Bank (East), Bell of Pennsylvania, the Perilstein Foundation, SPS Technologies, the Rotary Club of Glenside, and the Kiwanis Club of Jenkintown.