Of Apps and Trees: Your Big Ideas Are Valid

by Sarah Adeniran on November 14, 2017

Jared Edmund ’18 is not like most students. Pursuing both a BA in Entrepreneurship in Digital Media and an MBA at Arcadia University, Jared is already ahead of the game. And he has one more notable pursuit to add: his app, Memori Twyst.

Jared has been designing Memori Twyst for over two years. Set to release on the iOS store this December, Jared describes the free app as “a classic memory game with a Twyst.”

Designing an app while in college is an ambitious project, especially if, like Jared, you do it on your own. And with every extraordinary idea, there is often a challenge right behind it. Sometimes it’s internal— like battling the false thought that you’re too ordinary or ill-equipped to ever see your dreams come to pass. Other times it’s external— having to deal with discouragement from friends, family, or mentors who think your idea is “reaching.”

Jared says his greatest challenge designing Memori Twyst was simply realizing how big of a project it was. He paced himself and turned his big idea into “smaller steps,” and now he is finally seeing the fruit of all his hard work.

Take a lesson from Jared: If you’ve been filled with a big vision but feel overwhelmed by its magnitude, take a step back and look at “the trees.” Start there and keep working until you see the big picture!