Best Hidden (and Not-So-Hidden) Study Spots on Campus

by William Snell on October 20, 2017

As the leaves begin to change, and classes begin to intensify, students can easily begin to feel overwhelmed by the increased workload and attention that many college classes require. I once was, and often still am, in your shoes.

Being a student on a pre-professional track (Pre-Physical Therapy), I find myself every so often contemplating if I am cut out for this career. I learned the hard way throughout my first semester at Arcadia that in order to maintain a good GPA, stay involved on campus, and still find time to do things that make me happy, I would have to focus and study hard whenever I had the chance.

One of the hardest things for me to do was find a study spot that enabled me to clear my mind from all of the crazy going on around me and to zone in on my studies. It only took three years, but I have finally found a variety of spots around campus that make for great study spots. Some may be more obvious options, but others are less-known finds.

Here is a list of my eight favorite study spots around Arcadia’s campus, besides the Landman Library. Depending on The Situation, each study spot has the potential to help you focus, and maybe turn that D into a B or even an A!


1. Situation: The weather is still nice. You and your friends have an exam next week.

Ideal Study Spot: Haber Green.

Bring a blanket out on the grass and study it up! Take occasional breaks to people-watch or pet a Haber Green staple, Crosby the Corgi.

Not many schools offer up views like Arcadia, and Haber Green is one of the focal points of Arcadia’s campus.


2. Situation: You’re super stressed-out because you have to read three chapters of your textbook for homework.

Ideal Study Spot: The benches by Tacony Creek, one of the hidden gems of Arcadia’s campus.

For those who do not know, we have a creek, lined with picnic tables and red benches, throughout the wooded area that runs on campus property. Tacony Creek is located down by the Pit parking lot across from Taylor Hall, and is accessible by bridge or, for those with long legs, a nice long jump.

Take a seat, crack open your book, and relax as the sound of water trickling down the creek provides perfect study music.


3. Situation: You have a huge exam in just a few days and you really need to lock down and focus.

Ideal Study Spot: The first floor of Kistler Hall.

By far not the most glamorous spot on campus, but it's a spot that is nice and quiet! I lived in Kistler during my first year and this was my go-to place to study. You’ll find this little “study cove” in between the basement, where the laundry room and 1st-north Kistler meet. Sometimes at night, people are watching TV or having call programs in the lounge, but the “study cove” always seems to be open. A bonus to studying here is, since it is located relatively close to Kistler’s laundry room, the air is always a little warmer so you never have to worry about getting cold, even in December (come final exam time).


4. Situation: You want a nice comfy place to study inside with natural lighting and minimal noise.

Ideal Study Spot: Upstairs Commons,  near Arcadia's Residence & Commuter Life Offices.

These four black chairs in the far corner of the Commons' second floor are the perfect place to sit down and type an essay or make some notecards for an upcoming exam. Take a load off your feet and just focus. There are no other chairs or stools near these, so while you are occupying the space, it’s completely yours. A great view of Brubaker Hall is provided, and if you ever get super hungry, just head downstairs to the Chat and tame your study cravings.

Plus, the location of the chairs provides easy access to the Commons' side balcony if you need some fresh air.


5. Situation: You couldn’t sleep last night and you need to get this homework done for your class in a few hours. You could use an energy boost.

Ideal Study Spot: Easton Pond.

This option may appear to be an obvious go-to choice for some, but I did not discover Easton Pond until the first semester of my sophomore year. If you do not have classes in Easton or Brubaker, you may not be aware of it either. There is a waterfall that constantly circulates through the pond, and umbrellas are located on outdoor tables to keep the sun from breaking you into a sweat. Need an energy boost? Head inside to the Easton Cafe where you can conveniently get a Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks using your Chat points.

There are also indoor seating options in the cafe for when the weather turns cold.


6. Situation: You have a huge bio test on Friday. You need to stay energized to make hundreds of notecards.

Ideal Study Spot: The second floor of Boyer Hall.

This is another frequent study spot for me. Being on a pre-professional, science-based track, Boyer is basically my second home, and I love sitting at their big study table with friends when we need to put our heads in the books. Conveniently located right behind the tables are a variety of snacks and beverages there for you when you feel like you are going to crash.

The occasional smell of formaldehyde may waft through the halls from the anatomy lab, but everytime I smell it, I am just reassured that I am “home.”


7. Situation: You have an art project due and you need to find a quiet and artsy place on campus to complete your artwork.

Ideal Study Spot: Murphy Hall Courtyard.

I never really explored Murphy until this year, but I wish I had sooner. The Hall itself has a courtyard at its center, lined with wooden lawn chairs throughout and tables for school work.

With beautiful stone and brick walls surrounding you, the sun can shine down on your face and you can still be isolated enough to focus. Once you finish your work, reward yourself with a cute picnic!


8. Situation: You have a ton of homework, but need a ton of inspiration to complete it.

Ideal Study Spot: Grey Towers Castle’s second-floor window seating.

Look no further than Arcadia’s Grey Towers Castle for inspiration. As you enter the castle and walk up the large staircase, you’ll notice a large area with couches, window seats, and beautiful carpeting. The dim lighting provides the perfect intimate feeling that so many of us need when trying to retain information.

And what better place to study than in a U.S. National Historic Landmark?