Bradley Malles, Prospective Student

by Nicholas Schiavo on May 29, 2019

Bradley Malles, Prospective Student

by Nicholas Schiavo on May 29, 2019

“Bradley is here and waiting for you in the Castle!” was the message I received during the break of my “Applied Logic” Philosophy class. I’d hosted two overKnight guests before, so I was no stranger to the flow of events and the jitters of meeting prospective students and their families.

Bradley Malles—a prospective student from Lancaster, Pa.— reminded me of myself. We’re both interested in criminal justice and political science, and see law enforcement careers in our futures. We dropped off his belongings at the suite, which was a perfect chance to mention FYSAE and other things about Arcadia. And he was able to experience a somewhat heated political debate in one class, which he found quite amusing.

After joining some of my friends who also had overKnight guests for dinner in the Dining Hall, we went to the Kistler lounge to hang out and play UNO. My friends joked that Brad was a better version of me.  Based on his reaction to that, I am now quite scared he actually will replace me next year when he gets on campus! His ability to interact so well with people he just met is something I found admirable. When we finished the game, they invited us to join them for Crimes of the Heart, a play being performed at the theater. I am not a fan of plays; I prefer movies, the same way I like video games over books.

I begrudgingly went along with the group, but I have to admit, the play was honestly quite good. His visit was a learning experience for the both of us—he got to learn about Arcadia, and I found a new appreciation for plays.

Here’s what he had to say.

Have you been here to Arcadia before? What were your initial thoughts?

I came for a private tour and saw basically everything you’d see on a tour: where my Criminal Justice classes would be, the dining hall, the radio station. It was comfortable and small. I like how the library has solar panels on its roof; it’s beneficial technology.

How did you hear about the overKnight program? What made you decide to do it?

My tour guide during my first visit told me about it, and I decided to do it right after I left. I wanted to see campus a little more up-close and personal. I felt like I’d get a better (and different) perspective, since my parents wouldn’t be around.

Are you interested in doing FYSAE and/or studying abroad?

Yeah, FYSAE London in the fall, if it’s possible. After freshman year, I want to study in Ireland because I have family there. I would like to experience it by myself. Oh, and Italy, because I like the culture and art there.

Has living on campus the past two days changed your mind about submitting your deposit? Have I done a good job showing you around?

Yes, you’ve done a great job showing me around! I was somewhat on the fence between Arcadia and Saint Vincent’s College, but now that I feel like I know it a lot better and can locate pretty much all the main buildings on campus, I feel welcomed. I am definitely going to submit my deposit. I’m excited to see what my future holds at Arcadia.