Chris Reistle ’21: Breaking Cross Country Records

by Lashanna Bryant on February 18, 2020

Chris Reistle ’21: Breaking Cross Country Records

by Lashanna Bryant on February 18, 2020

Graphic Design major Chris Reistle ’21, an avid member of our campus community, is involved in Arcadia's Ambassador and Orientation Leader programs, serves as a FYSAE mentor and a tutor in the Learning Resource Network, is consistently on the Dean's Distinguished Honors List--and has been breaking cross country records! 

Chris Reistle standing in the graphic design lab with art behind him.

How did you get into cross country? 

I actually didn’t until fairly recently. I had always played soccer, and was devastated when I was cut from my high school team junior year. I decided to try out winter track since I was pretty good at running. I ended up loving it, and after a season of spring track, I found myself running cross country. 

What school records did you break?

This season, I’ve broken the school record in the 5k and 8k, and I tied the record for the highest placement at the MAC Championship meet.

Chris Reistle running outside during a cross country meet.

Are you excited for Arcadia’s new track and field program? 

I’m incredibly excited. This is a new era for Arcadia running and Athletics in general. Cross country athletes can continue their training, reach their full potential, and finally participate in a sport they may miss from high school or want to try out for the first time. I’m studying abroad in the spring, but I can’t wait to see what my teammates accomplish and how many new students we can bring into this amazing sport. 

Run me through your typical day on campus.

In a word: BUSY. I am going from one class to another, working at one of my three jobs, getting work done right before classes (half procrastination, half lack of time), going to practice, and running on my own in the early morning or late at night. When I don’t meal prep, I just bring a ton of snacks with me to keep me going during the day. I live on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (I mean it’s a cheap, delicious staple).

At night, I finally have some time to rest, which usually consists of me making dinner (I make a mean crockpot sloppy joe), catching up on social media, watching YouTube, and listening to new music. 

Chris Reistle running during a cross country meet while crowd watches.

What are some of your other interests? 

I am very into music. I love broadening my horizons and listening to new artists and genres. I actually review albums on my Instagram story, partly for my enjoyment and partly so other people can see what I’m listening to. I am on YouTube a lot, watching gaming videos, video essays on music, movies, and lots of meme videos. I also really enjoy animated movies and television shows like Bojack Horseman, Rick and Morty, and Pixar movies. Being a Graphic Design major, I am obviously into art. I’m perfectly content spending a day by myself in a museum or gallery. 

Who are the influential people in your life?

My parents are probably the most influential people in my life, giving me the motivation and guidance to get through the difficult decisions I’m faced with. I’m also lucky to have really great, supportive friends that I’m able to destress with. 

Any funny stories? 

On my senior trip in high school I ripped my pants during the senior dance.