Coryn Hubbert ’18, Political Science Major

by Nicole Gieselman on April 20, 2017

One of the main reasons I decided to graduate early was to save money. Most of my college is paid for by scholarships and loans, but by graduating early, my student debt will be much lower than it would if I were to stay the full four years. I also intend on going to law school, which will take three years. I would much rather be able to get my career started at 23 years old rather than wait even longer. I came to Arcadia with multiple AP credits, however I still need to overload in order to graduate within the three years. Taking 22 credits while also trying to have a job and maintain my friendships can be very difficult. I try to ensure that I’m getting as much work done as I can during the week. All of my extracurricular activities are on Tuesdays, so I section those days out for my meetings, and I set the rest of the week aside to do schoolwork. I mostly see my friends on the weekends. Sometimes I feel that I would produce more quality work if I had less to worry about, however I know that if I continue to work hard, I will be successful.