Emilie Gottlieb ’18, Former President of Arcadia’s Active Minds

by Nicole Gieselman on December 22, 2017

It is really important to advocate for yourself. Whether that means taking the steps to reach out for more resources when necessary or challenging the structures that are already in place to be improved, it is crucial to recognize that even when you feel powerless you can still make progress. Question faculty and staff that may not be accommodating your needs, try to foster a culture of understanding rather than judgment, and share your story if you feel comfortable. Even small steps not only help to reduce stigma, but also can go a long way in managing and coping with the effects of mental illness. In all of this, realize when you need to step back and take that time to seek higher levels of treatment.”

Active Minds is a national organization that strives to combat stigma against mental health issues on college campuses. Emilie, a Psychology major, has been coping with mental illness throughout her life.