Let Me Upgrade Ya: Kuch Center Edition

by Lashanna Bryant on December 12, 2019

Let Me Upgrade Ya: Kuch Center Edition

by Lashanna Bryant on December 12, 2019

For months, students have watched with anticipation as the Kuch Center is remodeled right before their eyes. Before this, the most recent Kuch Center renovations were in 2012. After seven years and a partial donation from the Lenox West family, we are seeing a change yet again. 

Construction vehicle outside the Kuch Center entrance.

Some have wondered, though, what exactly the new change will be. What should we expect? 

Well, there’s a lot to be excited for! The biggest goal is to make the fitness and sports training centers bigger. If you haven’t been in the fitness center before, there are walls full of treadmills, ellipticals, and weights. Personally, I find it to be an impressive school gym, so I can only imagine how they intend to enhance it. 

View of the interior addition to the fitness center filled with a line of treadm

One of the Kuch Center’s facility managers, Megan Tustin, remarked that it looks “pretty cool,” even in its renovation phase. Currently, you can only get to the fitness center by going through the aerobics room. Some of the machines are down, but it is still open for the student body. So don’t be afraid to ask if you can still get your workout on—you can! 

Now, the big question: Why are we expanding the Kuch Center in the first place? The answer is quite simple: Arcadia is growing. Athletics is projected to have more than 26 different programs by 2021. The additions include ice hockey, which I am both excited and kind of sad about because, while I am not good at sports, I would’ve loved to try (and maybe fail miserably) at ice hockey. Unfortunately, I don’t believe I’ll get the chance—but many of you will, and I will be watching enviously from the comfort of my bed! 

Image of new weightlifting equipment in the fitness center.

In other words, all Arcadia students should be excited about the upcoming changes and what it could mean for the future of sports at this University. Drew Taylor, director of Athletic Communications, said, “The facilities have become overcrowded. These renovations will allow all of our teams to train effectively, and will better serve the needs of the Arcadia community and the increasing number of student-athletes on campus.” 

And what can be a better reason than that? With the inclusion of programs like esports and ice hockey, and with the expansion of the Kuch Center, we can feel proud about the diverse lineup of activities at Arcadia University.