Philip Godfrey, Resident Living Assistant at Thoresby House in London

by Nicole Gieselman on April 10, 2018

Philip Godfrey has worked as a resident life assistant in Arcadia London’s Thoresby House since 2017, and has been an RLA for the University since January 2000.

I would tell prospective study abroad students to go out and explore. London doesn't have to be an expensive place, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself and pursue your interests whilst keeping costs down. Thoresby House is very close to the historic City of London, and it borders Shoreditch, whose history stretches back to the Elizabethan era and beyond. We're centrally located and well-connected by tube, bus, and rail. London is also an excellent starting point from which to explore Europe and further afield.

One of the best things about working with study abroad students is introducing new arrivals to the city, during orientation and on organized trips. And it's great to stay in contact with former residents, especially if they continue studying in the UK, or pass through the city on holiday.”