Self-Care for Midterms

by Kathryn Jones on November 19, 2019

Self-Care for Midterms

by Kathryn Jones on November 19, 2019

When you think of self-care, your mind probably jumps to bath bombs, face masks, and sleeping in. These are all good options for wellness, but don’t stop there when it comes to practicing self-care in everyday life.

It’s important to think of self-care less as a reward for doing a good job or going through a stressful time. Instead, see it as something you do daily to make sure you’re in state of good well-being. 

Like at any college, Arcadia students are stressed, especially during midterms and finals. Lucky for us, there are a bunch of ways to practice self-care right here on campus, which can be easily integrated into your daily and weekly life.

Relaxation Room

Female student coloring Mandala page in Relaxation Room.

The Relaxation Room, offered by Counseling Services, is exactly what it sounds like: a room to go in to relax! They have activities and resources designed for you to chill out when you’re feeling overwhelmed or just in need of a little relaxation. Highlights are the weighted blankets, coloring materials, kinetic sand, aroma therapy, and—my personal favorite—a sun lamp, which is especially useful during the fall and winter when actual sunlight is in short supply.


Female students lifting weights in Kuch center.

Whether you live on campus, off campus, or in Oak, all of us have access to a free fitness center at Arcadia. Exercise improves energy and helps produce the chemicals that make your brain happy! I know it isn’t for everyone (I haven’t really gotten around to trying it out), but nourishing both your body and your mind is never a bad idea.

Engaging in campus activities

Attending events on campus and engaging in the multitude of clubs Arcadia has to offer is a great way to sow new connections and strengthen ones you already have. Having a strong support network is important to maintaining good mental health, and self-care can be as simple as hanging out with your friends! I would recommend attending a movie screening that Arcadia’s Student Programming Board (SPB) organizes every weekend. 

Those are just a few ways to take advantage of the resources around us to integrate self-care into our lives. Keep working the face masks and bath bombs, but other options are all around you for broadening your self-care horizons.   

Happy healthy habit-building!