Study Abroad with a STAMP

by William Snell on March 28, 2019

Study Abroad with a STAMP

by William Snell on March 28, 2019

It’s no secret that Arcadia loves to get students to study abroad. The Institute of International Education has ranked Arcadia number one in the nation for study abroad participation for a whopping nine years in a row. I’ve been fortunate enough to study abroad twice, with both of my experiences forever changing who I am as a person and helping me grow in ways I could never have imagined.

Because Arcadia William Snell in Scotland

After coming back last spring from my second study abroad experience in Australia (my first was FYSAE), I applied to join Arcadia’s Study Abroad Mentorship Program (STAMP). Part of being a STAMP means I get to attend various study abroad-themed events and even facilitate some of them, where I share my experience with others and answer any questions that prospective study abroad students have. I truly love being a STAMP, because I get to reminisce on some of my best college memories with people who are actually interested in hearing about it! (I love my roommates, but I think they are tired of hearing me talk about studying in Australia at least two or three times a day.)

If anyone reading this wants to study abroad, or even become a STAMP Mentor, here are the top five questions I’m asked about my international experiences.

5. How much preparation is needed to study abroad?

It is recommended that students begin meeting or communicating with study abroad advisers as early as a year in advance of their anticipated study abroad departure date to ensure they are serious about the decision and are eligible to travel to the school and location of their choice.

You should meet with a study abroad adviser at least one semester in advance to get your application in on time and expedite the process.

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4. How long can I study abroad?

Most people study abroad for a single semester. I was fortunate enough to study abroad for two non-consecutive semesters. But many students prefer to study abroad for two consecutive terms, or one academic year. One factor that determines the length of your study abroad experience is your major. While some majors require students to study abroad for up to a year, others only allow you to go if you take electives abroad and save your core coursework for Arcadia.

3. Can I afford to study abroad?

People tend to get nervous about affording study abroad. Although it can be expensive, especially if you like to travel for leisure a lot, one of the benefits of studying abroad through Arcadia is that you pay the same amount of tuition abroad as you would if you stayed on campus for the semester. I always tell my mentees to book flights in advance for cheaper price, to try to save as much as they can while stateside, and to apply for scholarships, which help students cover costs. 70% of study abroad students who apply for aid from Arcadia receive some form of award.

Because Arcadia William Snell in Australia
2. Does my major allow me to study abroad?

Yes! At Arcadia, you CAN study abroad with any major. Some majors, such as Acting, Education, and Biology, for example, require a bit more planning; you must express interest in studying abroad much earlier in your collegiate career in order to provide enough cushion for elective classes to be taken abroad. For example, it is much easier to transfer back a cultural legacy credit then a Microbiology credit. But as a liberal arts college, Arcadia requires students to participate in a wide variety of classes, and schools abroad directly affiliated with Arcadia offer that.

1. Did you enjoy your study abroad experience?

I honestly cannot find the words to articulate how wonderful a time I had. Study abroad was one of the best decisions of my life, and I highly suggest jumping at the opportunity. If you think there are barriers for you, talk to a study abroad adviser, and they will do their best to help make it happen for you. Dreams do come true here at AU, and one of my biggest dreams coming here was to study abroad. If you are interested in study abroad, make sure to reach out to the Office of Study Away!