Top 5 Pinterest Boards Every College Student Should Have

by Jasmin Ramirez on January 7, 2020

Top 5 Pinterest Boards Every College Student Should Have

by Jasmin Ramirez on January 7, 2020

1. Decorating Dorm

Screenshot of a Pinterest search for room decor ideas.

This is going to be your home away from home, so you want it to be your ideal cozy haven. Search pins from all the themes that intrigue you (i.e. Minimalist, Bohemian, Eccentric). After seeing a few themes on Pinterest, I can guarantee one will speak to you!

2. Dorm Recipes

Screen shot of a search for recipe ideas on Pinterest.

We all tell ourselves college will be the time that I start eating healthier because I am in control of my meals. If you are already a college student, you may realize eating healthy sometimes gets put on the back burner when you have two exams (on the SAME day), a 20-page lab proposal to do, and still need to balance your internship and job hours. So when you take a break to scroll through Pinterest, and see if you stumble upon the many dorm-friendly recipes that are healthy, cost-friendly, and quick. 

*Spoiler alert: Overnight oats will be your go-to breakfast!

3. College Style 

Screenshot of Pinterest search for style ideas.

College is the time to experiment and figure out what style fits you best. Personally, I was obsessed with all things vintage and pastel. Now, while I still appreciate the charm of this style, I realized that a lot of it stemmed from my mother’s love for it. My room since middle school revolved around this theme. I always bought cute, Peter Pan-collared shirts and vintage, shabby-chic dresses when shopping with my mother. I remember times in high school that people would be shocked when they saw me with jeans on because I always wore high-waisted skirts and flowy dresses. 

As a college student (and new Northerner), I began to gravitate toward minimalist street style. This involves boyfriend jeans, oversized sweaters, and clothing that’d typically solid (i.e. free of lots of colors and patterns)—an Pinterest was a huge help in that exploration! 

4. Notes 

Screenshot of a Pinterest search for note taking tips.

If you are anything like me, you are someone who proudly considered notetaking to be their therapy. I find organizing and color-coding notes to be very satisfying and appealing. Sometimes, my brain just needs help thinking of a color scheme and style that notes can be taken in. I search “aesthetic notes,” and this usually gets me out of the rut. 

5. Healthy Mind

Screenshot of Pinterest search for mental health tips.

Mental health is very important, especially during college when stress is always at an all-time high. Tests are always thrown left and right, internships are expected to be found, and GPA is expected to be high. Pinterest allows you to look up blogs, tips,  fun self-care activities, and inspirational quotes on managing stress.