Global Engagement 

With over 75 years of experience in the field of international education, Arcadia has many opportunities for Global Engagement you can take advantage of as an undergraduate.  For more information connect with staff in the Division of Civic & Global Engagement. 

These include:

Preview - This signature program is offered to all first-year and new transfer students.  Previews are two-credit courses, held in the spring semester, that include field study during spring break. To participate, first year students must complete the fall semester in good academic and disciplinary standing and be passing the Preview course prior to departure.  More information about Preview is released at the Study Abroad in September and via FAQs. The travel fee is $795 and includes airfare, accommodation, transportation, excursions, and some meals.   

Summer and Semester Study Abroad - Arcadia University's approved study abroad programs are designed to excite and inspire your personal goals, your global vision and your academic passions.  You have the opportunity to explore new cultures, gain international internship experience, earn credit towards the major and Arcadia undergraduate curriculum, learn outside the classroom and become part of local communities in which you study.  Take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad with Arcadia by exploring your program options and speaking with a study abroad adviser.  You can also connect you with a STAMP (study abroad peer mentors) to hear first-hand what study abroad is all about.  Costs for a semester abroad, tuition, fees, and housing, is the same as a semester in Glenside.  Cost for the summer varies depending on location and length.   

Global Field Study - These are four credit courses, for upper division students, that include an off-campus component of 7-14 days.  A variety of Global Field Study courses are offered each fall and spring semester, dependent upon faculty, research and study interests. Courses are open to juniors/seniors and graduate students.  The travel fee ranges between $2000-$4000 and includes airfare, accommodation, transportation, excursions, and some meals

Eligibility for all programs include:

  • Being in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing prior to departure. 

Eligibility for a semester abroad include:

  • A minimum of 12 credits in the semester prior to studying abroad. 
  • A minimum prerequisite GPA of 2.5 (various by program).
  • Endorsement from your academic and study abroad adviser.
  • Mandatory attendance at a pre-departure orientation in Glenside.
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