Health Insurance

Arcadia University requires every full-time undergraduate and graduate student to have health insurance and charges the cost of the university health insurance plan to student accounts.  The 2019-2020 insurance premium for Undergraduates is $1699.00 and Graduates is $2,810 for 12 months of coverage. This charge can only be reversed by completing the online waiver form. To waive or enroll in the University student health insurance plan, please go to, select "Arcadia University" from the drop down menu, click on the "enroll now" or "waive your school's insurance" tab and follow the instructions. If you waive the University health insurance plan, the premium charge will be removed from your bill within ten business days. If there are any problems with enrollment or the waiver process, please contact the University's student health insurance broker, RCM&D at 1-800-346-4075, ext 1452 to speak with Timothy Cummons. Mr. Cummons may also be reached via email at Student Health Services does NOT answer questions/issues that are associated with RCM&D,, or the enrollment or waiver process.

**All students will be required to provide a copy (front and back) of their insurance card if they waive out of the university insurance plan.

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