A Paradigm Shift

Our community work to date has uniquely positioned us to develop several possible scenarios and initiatives, culminating in nearly 100 initiatives organized around strategic themes. These initiatives have been prioritized into an appropriately ambitious, financially affordable, and flexible portfolio of strategic actions by our leadership team.

Through shared governance structures, and with Board oversight, we will execute, monitor, adapt, and redirect our strategy as needed to advance Arcadia. As we encounter unknown challenges, the University is well-positioned to thrive with this new philosophical shift in our strategic thinking and acting. The strategies described herein allow us to be nimble and pivot quickly as the future unfolds.

Rather than a rigid commitment to a strategy that is pinned down to programs and initiatives on a five- or even ten-year horizon, ours will provide constant assessment and evaluation in shorter intervals, where pivoting and shifting our efforts can be much more easily accomplished. Our Adaptive Strategy approach is guided by:

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