Theme One Strategic Goal #4: Expanding Global Reach, Interdisciplinary, and Experiential Opportunities

Objective #1:

Leverage Philadelphia’s Career Landscape to Provide Engaging Opportunities for Student Learning and Development

Building strong relationships in and through businesses, organizations, and institutions in the Philadelphia region, we will provide robust opportunities for students to learn and grow through practical experiences and internships.


  • Launch Intern Philly
  • Expand and deepen employer relationships with employers and organizations, especially with social impact organizations


  • Internship placement opportunities
  • Center City employer and organization partnerships
  • Intern Philly enrollment
  • Revenue


Launch Intern Philly in Summer 2020


Objective #2:

Enrich Global Ventures and Initiatives

Expand, deepen, and enhance shared academic, experiential, co-curricular global initiatives supporting student engagement and learning, faculty collaboration and research, and innovative institutional partnerships.


  • Establish institutional Global Learning Advisory group to develop global goals and strategy
  • Establish institution-wide comprehensive learning goals for global engagement


  • Student global learning outcomes
  • Total enrollment for all global programs
  • Participation in global programs (e.g., Preview, GFS, study abroad)
  • International student satisfaction with academic/student life experience
  • International collaborative programs (across Colleges and departments)


Complete plan by Fall 2020 (6-9 months)

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