Campus Work-Study

Campus Work-Study is a federally funded program. The purpose of this program is to assist full-time undergraduate students that are determined to have financial need, according to the FAFSA Form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), in contributing toward their educational expenses. If a student is eligible for a Campus Work-Study award, his/her award letter will indicate this. The wages of students receiving a Campus Work-Study award are partially funded by the Federal Government and partially funded by Arcadia University.

Policies and Regulations

Apply For and Receiving Award

The amount of a student's work-study award is NOT deducted from the tuition bill, as students will be paid directly for any hours that they work.

If a student is awarded work-study as part of their financial aid package, in order to receive a job placement, he/she must:

  • Submit a Student Employment Application.
  • Complete an Employment Application by the required due date.

The One-Stop Shop, who administers the Campus Work-Study Program in conjunction with Enrollment Management, will provide the student with one initial job placement only. Other additional job placements are not guaranteed.

Although we will attempt to match the student with a position in an area on campus that they desire, due to the supply and demand principle (there are limited positions on campus and several students in need of placements), this is not always possible. 


Students have a limit to the amount of hours that they may work both during the academic and break periods of the University. If work hours are scheduled appropriately, students will maintain their allocation throughout the academic year. Students may be asked to stop working if they have exhausted their allocation.

Dismissal Policy

In general, if a supervisor experiences poor performance or problematic behavior by a student worker, a supervisor may proceed to immediate suspension or even termination. In most cases, the following process will occur:

  • Verbal warning given to the student
  • Written warning given to the student
  • Termination


What's Expected of Students
  • Quality work
  • Appropriate attire
  • Positive attitude
  • Promptness
  • Appropriate notification of supervisor of any absences, either planned or unplanned
  • Maintaining confidentiality of documents, discussions, etc. within the workplace
  • Monitoring use of one's work-study award allocation (information provided in the timesheet system) and appropriate notification of one's supervisor when they are close to exhausting their allocation
  • Prompt completion and submission of biweekly timesheets to immediate supervisor
What Students Can Expect
  • Clear expectations of work to be completed
  • Pleasant and equitable treatment by supervisors
  • Compensation for all hours entered into the electronic time sheet system and approved by a supervisor
  • Payment in a timely manner

Hiring Procedures

  1. Students who receive a Campus Work-Study Award or Institutional Work-Study Award as part of their financial aid package will be sent an email in June with a link to the online Student Employment Application. Students seeking a campus job placement must complete this application online. 
  2. Prior to the start of the academic semester, the student will be sent an e-mail via Arcadia’s campus e-mail system. It will indicate the department, supervisor contact information, and additional requirements to begin working. Or, the student will receive notification that they are on a waitlist for a position.
  3. Once the student receives his/her placement e-mail, he/she should contact the supervisor indicated to work out an amiable schedule, review job requirements and determine if the placement is appropriate.
  4. Students employed on campus must complete all appropriate payroll information prior to beginning their position.

Pay Rates, Hours and Dates

Pay Rates

The starting pay rate is currently $7.25/hour for most positions on campus. Hourly rates increase $.25 each year, provided the student returns to work for the same department. There are positions on campus that start at a higher rate, however hiring for these positions is usually determined by individual departments.

How Many Hours Can I Work?

Take your total work-study award amount for the year and divide it by your hourly pay rate. This is the total number of hours one can work during the fall/spring semesters. Then, divide that total by 31 weeks. This is the number of hours you can work per week.


John's work-study award=$1,250/year. John's hourly pay rate=$7.25. $1,250 divided by $7.25= 172 hours. 172 hours divided by 31 weeks in the academic year = 5.5 hours/week. John can work approximately 5.5 hours a week.

Pay Dates

Students are typically paid on a biweekly schedule. See timesheet and payroll schedule information.  

Paper checks are available in the One-Stop Shop. Students are highly encourage to sign up for direct deposit. Students may do so using a paper or electronic format provided to them at the One-Stop. 

Paystubs & W-2s

All students who are paid on campus are able to view their paystubs and W-2 forms online. The link to do so can be found in the same location as that student timesheet system on My Arcadia. To view the information in the Payroll Self-Service site you must click Register your first time, in order to set up an account. If you are enrolled in direct deposit you will no longer receive a physical copy of your paystub but you can print paystubs out via the Payroll Self-Service site. If you have any questions regarding student payroll please contact Christina Sierra at 215-517-2336 or at