Celebrating 20 Years as Arcadia University

July 16, 2021 marks 20 years since Beaver College changed its name to Arcadia University. In 2001, with a reputation for academic excellence and international education, Beaver College's plan to become a University became a reality.

Friday, July 16 marks 20 years as Arcadia University, which builds upon our 168-year-history of Beaver Female Seminary, Beaver College and Musical Institute, and Beaver College.

A time-lapse photograph of the PECO building in Philadelphia announcing name change in 2001. Photo by Edward Savaria Jr.

From Arcadia President Ajay Nair

Hear from Arcadia community members about the celebratory time our beloved institution became Arcadia University.

20th Anniversary of University Status

Alumni Celebrate Our Institution's Growth and Legacy

All generations share how their educational experience has shaped their personal and professional lives.

20 Years in Photographs

From milestones to annual moments on campus and around the world, take a look at Arcadia through the years.

Arcadia University students move in fall 2002.

Arcadia made it through “Snowmageddon” in February 2010, with students sledding down a snow covered Haber Green.

Arcadia University launched a co-educational esports program as a varsity sport in the fall 2019.

"The Gateway to Your Future." "You Can Be What You Want to Be." "It All Begins With People." 

Though our University has transformed, one constant remains: Knights who blaze trails, pursue passions, and change the world. Happy anniversary, Arcadia! 


Did You Know...


Beaver College had nine naming criteria that suggestions needed to meet.


"Arcadia" comes from a picturesque region of Ancient Greece known for its peacefulness and simplicity.


The original name of the university dates back to 1853 as Beaver Female Seminary.