The Charged Image

December 2, 1987–January 10, 1988
Beaver College Art Gallery

The Philadelphia Inquirer, "3 Join in show at Beaver College", December 12, 1987

The Beaver College Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition of paintings entitled "The Charged Image", at the Spruance Art Center, Easton and Church Roads, December 2 through January 10, 1988. The show will open on December 2, 1988 with a reception at 4:30 PM in the gallery.

"The Charged Image" features the paintings of three nationally known artists: Robert Barnes, James McGarrell, and Luis Cruz Azaceta. Barnes, referred to as a leading American expressionist, uses an intense palette to create his metaphysical landscapes. McGarrell's paintings contain an underlying mystery that is suggested through complex layers of hidden meaning in his landscapes and interior scenes. Azaceta, who was born in Havana, Cuba, developed as a painter while living in New York City.

"The show will explore the use of representation in painting through artists who use the constructs of the imagination to bring a sense of fantasy, theater, and heightened emotional expression to their work," said Gallery Director Zina Goldsmith. "The compelling nature of McGarrell's work can be seen in the painting Fiction with Interiors. Its strong architectural structure and juxtaposition of images creates a complex narrative. In some works, Barnes develops semi-realistic scenes with a force of nature created through illusion, fantasy, and reality. While Azaceta's work suggests his Latin American origins through its intensity of color and form, his vision of violence, distortion, anxiety, and humor is a direct reference to the urban environment of New York City."

Barnes, McGarrell, and Azaceta all have been the subject of numerous one person and group exhibitions and have exhibited in major art galleries and museums throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.


Barnes' work has been shown in such museums and galleries as the Allan Frumin Gallery, New York; Fine Arts Museum of the Univerity of Indiana; Galleria Il Fante di Spade, Rome, Italy; Galleria La Parisina, Turnin, Itay; Marianne Friedland Gallery, Toronto; Artist's Choice Museum, New York; Art Institute of Chicago; Whitney Museum, New York; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Salon de Jeune Peintres, Paris; and American Consolate, Rome. His works are held in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Indiana University; Whitney Museum, New York; and the Art Institute of Chicago.

McGarrell's work has been widely seen in the Allen Frumkin Gallery, Chicago; Portland Art Museum, Oregon; Galleria Galatea, Turin, Italy; Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris; Galleria Il Fante de Spade, Rome; Bedford House Gallery, London; Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Chicago Art Institute; Tate Gallery, London; San Francisco Museum of Art; and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Azaceta's work has been exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, New York; Allan Frumkin Gallery, Chicago; Cayman Gallery, New York; Chicago International Art Exposition; The Center for Inter-American Relations, New York; Chrysler Museum, Norfolk Virginia; Pratt Institute Gallery, Brooklyn; Moravian College's Payne Gallery, Bethlehem; and Harold Reed Gallery, New York.

Barnes, McGarrell and Azaceta's works are courtesy of the Allan Frumkin Gallery, New York.