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Aura Baki attended two workshops at Temple University. These workshops were focused on developing classroom activities that are centered on language  communication without explicit grammar explanations.  

Kate Bonin published two articles in 2014-2015: “Quintinie, Quarrels and Silence: The arguments in and about George Sand’s roman à thèse” in Women in French Studies Vol. 22; and “Troubadours, Taxidermy and Transcendence: Reading Flaubert’s ‘Un cœur simple’ with Sand’s ‘Les ailes de courage’” in French Review Vol. 88.3 French Review is the official journal of the American Association of Teachers of French and has the largest circulation of any scholarly journal of French and Francophone studies in the world. Kate is currently working on a study of Diop Djibril Mambéty’s groundbreaking film Touki Bouki and the zeitgeist of post-independence West Africa in 1974.

Giorgio Galbussera presented a paper entitled “Future Past: A country for/as old men” at the annual conference of the American Association for Italian Studies, which was held at the University of Colorado in Boulder on March 26-28, 2015. He turned his course “The Mafia and Beyond,” on the history of organized crime and its media representation, into a permanent department offering as IT231. He also translated from Italian into English Antonio Moretto’s chapter “Herder’s Notes on Kant’s Mathematics Course,” to be included in the forthcoming book Reading Kant’s Lectures (De Gruyter).

Stella Gevorygan-Ninness presented a paper "Hübschmannarmenisch: German and Other European Influences on Early Soviet Orientalists" at German Studies Association, Asian German Studies . She also gave a paper "The Armenian Language between European and Early Soviet Orientalism" at Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies.

Jojo Lucena presented a paper entitled “Angela Vallvey y las mujeres de la postguerra española” at the Pennsylvania Foreign Language Conference (Duquesne University), Sept 19-20-, 2014. She will be presenting a paper in July 2015 on “Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, and the Holocaust” in Florence, Italy at the International Conference on Arts and Humanities. Jojo developed a class where students learn about pilgrimages and which culminates in a trip to Spain to complete part of The Way (Spain’s pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela) where the participants walk 70 miles in 60 days. Part of the class requirement is an athletic workout once a week with a trainer, students and professors alike. She also developed a new seminar: US264 Jewish Humor. 

Pilar Maravi will travel abroad to Italy with students as part of the faculty with the The Community College of Philadelphia. It is part of an Art History and Italian course which will take place May 7- 18, 2015. She will also be presenting a paper “ La arquitectura medieval y su relación con las otras artes”, in the ‘ Week of School of Architecture” at the University of Sagrado Corazón in Lima- Perú. June 8-12, 2015.

Sophie Rivara-Lipschutz had her French Conversation Class II write a poem or short story (In French) as their third assignment. They had to also read it and present it to the class, as well as answer questions from the audience. Sophie compiled the poems into a packet. The depth and quality of these poems and stories almost made her cry in class... Students were not afraid to hide their most private emotions and truly enjoyed the challenge.

Elisa Schwab Clewis brings Italy into her classroom, treating her students with pure Italian licorice every class.  She is currently planning and co-leading a Preview course called Made in Italy that will involve travel to northern Italy next spring break.  This academic year, she brought on campus two native Italian students to be part of the weekly Bar Italia meeting, where students can speak Italian in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  In the fall she hosted at her house the Italian fall event Sagra d’Autunno for all students of Italian.  In the spring, she found and arranged for a family in Brescia, Italy to host one of her students as an au-pair for three months during the summer break.

Gabriela Segal was part of two focus groups to review two textbooks Exploraciones and Conectados (already published and she is cited in the text) She reviewed Aventuras 4 edition. She provided student training with The Nationalities Service Center against Human Trafficking at Arcadia on February 24, 2015. Gabriela taught a new course in Spring: SP 285 Human Trafficking and Narcotrafficking in Latin America. She worked with the Spanish Club advising the president and vice president, and provided movies, ideas, and games to use with the club.

Aroline Seibert Hanson presented her paper entitled, “The use of formative self-assessments to motivate L2 learning in two settings: Abroad and at-home”, this past October at the Second Language Research Forum at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina. She will also present her paper entitled, “Sí, se puede: Motivation, L1 digital contact, and students’ perceived versus actual success during study abroad” at the Conference on the Culture of Study Abroad for Second Languages at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this coming July. This past fall, Aroline developed and taught a new course for the Linguistics minor called Phonetics and Phonology. This spring, she taught and led the 2015 Costa Rica Preview course about sustainability and indigenous rights, which also included a coffee tasting with the owner of Philadelphia’s La Colombe, Todd Carmichael. Aroline is currently working on an article on her research of self-assessments and motivation in the second language classroom.