College of Arts and Sciences

Counseling Concentration in Mediation and Conflict Transformation

About the Concentration

Counseling and mediation skills overlap, but they apply to different contexts and entail unique practices. Counseling skills are applied primarily to resolve intra-psychic concerns (which might manifest in interpersonal difficulties), while mediation and conflict transformation skills can be applied outside of clinical contexts. Mediation and conflict transformation are particularly useful tools not simply in international contexts, but also locally to address family or community based conflict. As the field of counseling moves towards including prevention and advocacy, mediation training complements well the clinical training offered by our counseling program, as well the program’s focus on multicultural counseling. For instance, mediation is used in couples counseling or separation/divorce proceeding, in assisting communities affected by violence, as well as to foster communication and collaboration among parties to create safe environments for citizens (both locally and internationally). Students will be able to integrate the knowledge and skills garnered through this concentration into their counseling, advocacy, or conflict transformation work, thus adding to their marketability.

Degree Requirements