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Counseling Practicum and Internship

The Graduate Program in Counseling considers the supervised field experiences of Practicum and Internship to be among the most important elements of professional preparation in the student’s program.

These experiences are designed to sequentially integrate knowledge and skills from earlier course work as well as to allow for the development of new skills. In addition, the experiences serve as a vehicle for communication and networking, i.e., serving as one important means of linking the student, the department, and field-based professionals in dialogue, feedback and development of mutual interests.

The importance of the Practicum and Internship cannot be over emphasized.  The Practicum will be completed early in the program, to add significance to students’ learning, and the Internship will take place in a student’s final year in the program.

PY587 Counseling Practicum

The Practicum is a non-credit experience designed to provide a beginner counselor with appropriate developmental experiences as they enter the program, before the more advanced experience of Internship. Learn More.

PY 630, 631 Internship in Counseling

The Internship is the capstone experience of the program, which takes place in an agency, school, university counseling center, or another appropriate setting. During Internship, students are expected to assume all the responsibilities of a regular staff member in the setting in which the Internship takes place. Learn More.

The Internship is accompanied by a professional seminar that meets once a week at Arcadia University. The purpose of this seminar is to provide a safe and supportive avenue for students to examine the professional and ethical concomitants of their clinical experiences.