College of Arts and Sciences

IPCR Alumni Reflections

Andrea Baker ’15

Planned Giving Associate, American Friends Service Committee

“I think these experiences have helped me better navigate the professional world. The internships helped me narrow down my career goals and interests while study abroad gave me an added level of experience that other job applicants might be missing. The experience abroad also helped me to realize what parts of peace and conflict resolution I was most passionate about as well as my aspirations beyond graduate school.

Stephen Tyson ‘13

Founder, JusListen Entertainment and Director of Multimedia, Black Male Development Symposium

“The most valuable aspects of IPCR are the freedom to explore, create, and develop my area of interest. The various professional networking opportunities. And the lifelong friendships I made with the other students in my cohort and within other cohorts. My experiences helped me understand how much Peace and Conflict Resolution work also needs to be done here within the communities in our own country.”

William Kuhn ‘14

Community Preparedness Officer, Federal Emergency Management Agency

“Know that you will view the world differently afterwards. You will have more empathy, respect, tolerance, and appreciation for the unique opportunities conflict can provide. You will be challenged and you will open your mind. Peace and Conflict Resolution is intense but rewarding in knowing how to make a difference rather than simply desiring progress. IPCR is a supportive environment but it demands action from the student. If you want to see change in the world and seek a platform by which to propel yourself into the arena of peace work, IPCR is for you.”

Chantel Mattiola ‘15

Foundations Relations Coordinator, People For the American Way

“Arcadia University's Master’s program in International Peace and Conflict Resolution is what you make of it. You will receive the resources you need to be successful: guidance from professors, professional skill-building, and access to a network of international peacemakers; however, it is up to you to turn those resources into opportunities."

Christopher Klimovitz ‘15

Peace Corps volunteer, Albania

“Through [IPCR] activities and programs I gained hands-on information and real world experience. I gained opportunities that expanded my horizons and have helped me with my work in International Development."