Dual Enrollment for High School Students

Jump start your college education while you’re still in high school

Dual Enrollment at Arcadia University is an exciting opportunity for high school students to challenge themselves by taking a university course during both their junior and senior year.

The very thought of college leaves high school students with numerous questions, most frequently about being prepared for college-level learning. Students who elect Dual Enrollment at Arcadia University resoundingly say that the courses and their experiences reassure them they are better prepared to take on college.

Different from AP courses, Dual Enrollment offers actual college-level courses taught by Arcadia professors. Students earn undergraduate college credits from Arcadia University, a Middle States accredited institution, discounted at 80% of the cost of each course.

Information for School Counselors

Benefits of Dual Enrollment courses with Arcadia University

  • Students receive high school and college credit simultaneously as part of their high school's agreement with the university.
  • Students begin accumulating credits toward a college degree. Courses offered are typically required by most colleges as general education requirements.
  • Students can explore different fields of study while considering their college major.
  • Students gain experience doing college-level coursework, enabling them to make an easier transition from high school to college. 
  • Students may lower the cost of a post-secondary education.
Additional Benefits
  • Taking a Dual Enrollment course will help students demonstrate the ability to handle more difficult coursework. This is something every college admissions officer wants to see.
  • According to collegeboard.com, most students change their majors at least once. Taking a college class as a high school senior can help them find their area of interest before the pressure is on to declare a major.

Our Mission

The Dual Enrollment opportunity offered through Arcadia University is an enrichment activity that allows qualified high school students to earn college credits. Courses are offered on the main campus or in a cohort format at the student’s high school. Dual Enrollment is designed to encourage a broad range of students to experience post-secondary education at a reduced cost. The result is a relevant, experientially rich and academically sound educational experience for the high school student.

Enrollment Eligibility

The student must be a junior or senior in high school (transcript required) and meet the following requirements:

  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Receive a recommendation for academic readiness by the high school guidance counselor/ principal 
  • Obtain signed approval to participate by parent(s)/legal guardians(s)
  • Demonstrate satisfactory performance on any required university placement testing (English, Math, and Modern Language)
  • Meet any of the prerequisites for specific courses, as required

Course Selection and Transferability

Dual Enrollment students can take classes in two settings: on Arcadia's Glenside campus, where students take classes with traditional undergraduates, or in the students' high school with courses taught by Arcadia faculty. Arcadia University is a regionally accredited institution and credits should be eligible to transfer to other four-year colleges and universities. Arcadia cannot guarantee transferability to other institutions. Students should consult with the institution of their choice to determine transferability before applying. 

Academic Advising

Arcadia believes that providing students with an ongoing, comprehensive, and personal interactive experience during the advising process is important for student success. We are committed to providing students with the guidance necessary to make appropriate academic and career decisions. Each student works with an academic advisor who will assist them throughout their enrollment in the program, from registration of classes to completion of the semester.


All students enrolled in Dual Enrollment will be charged fees at the rate established in the program agreement with their high school. Fees associated with dropping and withdrawal policy follow established university policies. All payment is due at time of registration, unless the high school has made alternate arrangements with Arcadia.