Education Program Admission Requirements for Undergraduates

For All Undergraduate Certification Program Candidates

All Arcadia undergraduates seeking certification should apply during the spring semester of their sophomore year to the School of Education.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires that all candidates interested in obtaining teacher certification must meet certain prerequisite requirements before they can enter a program leading to teacher certification. All students who are seeking Pennsylvania teacher certification in PreK-4, Special Education PreK-8, Secondary Education Areas (Biology, Chemistry, English, General Science, Mathematics, or Social Studies) or Art K-12 must formally apply into the teacher certification program through the School of Education and must meet the following prerequisite requirements.

Admission decisions are based on the Pennsylvania Department of Education state certification requirements (PA Code, Chapter 354). The following are required:

  • 48 credits outside of Education
  • An overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Two college-level Mathematics courses
  • Two courses in English:
    • One course in English Composition
    • One course in American Literature
  • Current and valid required clearances and documentation
  • Submission of all qualifying scores on Basic Skills Assessment (see Teacher Certification Information)
Conditional Admittance and Alternative Majors

A student who thinks his or her GPA might be below 3.0 and/or has not met all the prerequisite requirements may request to be conditionally admitted. Students completing the conditional requirements within a designated time frame will be fully admitted into the teacher certification program. Those students who do not meet the requirements may continue in the Education Program but will not be able to pursue certification. Students also may choose to pursue an alternative major.

Students denied admission to the School will be advised to pursue an alternative major or seek a path that may combine Education with another major.

Transfer Students Admission

All transfer students above the level of a first-semester sophomore must apply for admission to the certification program immediately after their first semester as a full-time student or after two semesters as a part-time student. At the end of that semester, their Arcadia University GPA (3.0 or higher) along with their transfer GPA will be used to determine whether they will be admitted to the School. Transfer students are not required to submit an e-portfolio until they apply for student teaching. They are required to meet all admission standards required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.