Educational Leadership Executive Cohort

Arcadia’s Educational Leadership M.Ed. program provides education leaders with the skills and approaches to improve their own leadership and to help make that vision a reality. This master’s degree program with Principal or Supervisory certification is an ideal course of study for those looking to become system-level leaders as well as those currently in leadership roles who wish to advance their professional knowledge.

The Educational Leadership program prepares graduates for:

  • Principal positions in public and private/independent schools
  • Teaching and executive positions at public and private/independent schools
  • Leadership positions at educational profit and non-profit organizations
  • Leadership positions at community-based organizations that work with public and private educational institutions

Executive Cohort Model

  • A hybrid program that combines a face-to-face cohort experience and online learning.
  • Less than one year for program completion.
  • Ability to complete your master’s degree and/or Principal/Supervisory Certification requirements in one program. 
  • A program schedule with designated class meeting days and times that remain constant throughout your program to provide you with the ability to plan your personal and work commitments. 
  • Up to six eligible credits can be transferred.
  • Courses conveniently located at Arcadia University in Glenside, Pa.

Degree Requirements & Class Schedule

Ten courses, three credits practica are required.

May - July (9 weeks)
  • ED505 Cultural Foundations in Education (3 credits)
  • ED645 Human Resources and Negotiations (3 credits)
  • ED633 School Law (3 credits)
September - October (9 weeks)
  • ED634 Managing School Organizations and Change  (3 credits)
  • ED647 Data Driven Decision Making (3 credits)
  • Practica (1 credit) *
November - December (6 weeks)
  • ED580 Intro to Inclusive Education (3 credits)
  • Practica (1 credit) *
January - March (9 weeks)
  • ED635 Supervision of Teaching and Learning (3 credits)
  • ED565 Intro to Instructional Technology (3 credits)
  • Practica (1 credit) *
March - May (9 weeks)
  • ED637 Instructional Leadership (3 credits)
  • ED638 School Finance (3 credits)
January - May (15 Weeks)
  • ED599 Culminating Masters Project (3 credits) **

*Practica required if going for Supervisory and/or Principal Certification
**Culminating Master's Project required if going for Master's of Education in Ed Leadership

Admission Requirements

View School of Education graduate programs admission requirements. Students are encouraged to apply to the program as soon as possible but may enroll in the first two courses before formal admission.