LOVE Pilot Spring 2021 Act-Up #1: Mapping and Dismantling Systemic Racism

Thursday, February 25, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Building on our series of Teach-Ins in the Fall 2020 semester, the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Mentoring (CTLM) and the Living Our Values Experience (LOVE) Pilot are pleased to invite you to our first Act-Up of the Spring 2021 semester.  In this interactive session, we will hear Alex Otieno, assistant professor of Sociology, Tonya Bah (T-Bah), Free the Ballot strategist, and Kelsey Koelzer, women's ice hockey coach, discuss their understandings of how racism functions in a variety of social, institutional, and community contexts and what it might take to take action to dismantle systemic injustice.  

Connecting with the themes of the LOVE Pilot Working Groups, we plan to engage with a variety of dimensions of these issues with an emphasis on "What can I/we do to play a role in dismantling systemic injustice?"  Open to all.