Faculty Handbook

Faculty Handbook

Revised July 23, 2019

This handbook is for all full‐time faculty members who are employees of Arcadia University. Adjunct Professors are covered under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The purpose of the Faculty Handbook is to introduce faculty members to Arcadia University and to provide a reference for the University's expectations, policies, procedures and benefits as they relate to the faculty.  In addition to this handbook, you are encouraged to become acquainted with the Arcadia University Student Handbook (link needed) and the University policy library. The latter contains policies that pertain to all University employees (not just faculty members), as well as information on campus services and facilities.

This handbook is not intended to constitute an employment agreement or contract of any kind, nor is it a guarantee of employment. The University reserves the right to revise or rescind any of the provisions in this handbook to maintain compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations and to ensure effective University operations. The University will make these changes in a manner consistent with established process and fair notice. The University also reserves the right to interpret and apply the provisions of this Handbook.

You are expected to become familiar with the current contents of the handbook and to be aware of any future modifications to it.  Should you have any questions regarding the Handbook, please contact the Chair of the Work and Welfare Committee of the Faculty Senate, who works with the Provost’s Office to maintain and revise the Handbook and is responsible for communication, clarification, and interpretation of policies and procedures. 

Please note, to facilitate the maintenance and use of the Handbook, and to ensure the information is as updated as possible, many entries appear only as links to information maintained by other offices at the University.