Faculty Handbook

50.01 Reports and Evaluations

Revised September 7, 2015

Reports by faculty members are submitted each year to the Provost. These include individual and departmental reports. Such reports are designed to assist the faculty member with his or her professional development. The individual reports are: (1) a self-report by each faculty member, which allows space for the department chair to evaluate each member of the department, and (2) student evaluations of teaching (see below) for every course (normally submitted only when a personnel review is scheduled). The departmental reports consist of (1) an evaluation of the department chair by each faculty member (done on a rotating schedule), and (2) the annual report of the department by the department chair. All faculty members are expected to administer the student evaluation of teaching forms or other approved instruments to each class each semester. Copies of the instrument and instructions are distributed to each instructor approximately three weeks before the end of each semester. Printouts of the results are sent to the instructor and, in the case of adjunct faculty, the department chair. 

Instructors who wish to improve their teaching are encouraged to consult their department chair, the he Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Student Learning, and other colleagues. Because Arcadia has had a long history of commitment to excellence in teaching, new faculty should not hesitate to approach any faculty member for assistance.