Faculty Handbook

50.04 Review of Teaching Evaluations

Revised September 7, 2015

Department chairs and program directors are expected to review the teaching evaluations of untenured, full-time faculty members in their department or program with that faculty member each semester upon receipt by the Department chair of the SIR IIs or other teaching evaluations from the Registrar or other sources. 

Department chairs should review the teaching evaluations of tenured, associate, and full professors as needed, but at least once every three years. 

Department chairs should review the teaching evaluations of non-tenure track and adjunct faculty members on a regular basis, as required to maintain familiarity with that faculty members teaching and students’ perception of it. 

In addition, these forms should be available to the Dean of the faculty member’s school. 

Outside of the Dean, department chairs, program directors and official University committee’s formally charged with evaluation of faculty to complete their duties, a faculty member maintains the right to determine who may review his or her teaching evaluation forms.