Faculty Handbook

50.11 Guidelines for Departmental Awards

Revised September 7, 2015

Faculty Council will review proposals for new Departmental Awards with input from the Vice Presidents for Institutional Advancement, Finance, and Academic Affairs. Proposals should contain the following information: 

  1. Name of the award, with explanation. 
  2. Date when you wish to begin to grant the award, and the occasion on which you would plan to give it (normally Honors Convocation). 
  3. Eligibility (e.g., majors, juniors, students applying to graduate school, etc.). 
  4. Likely number of candidates who are likely to meet the eligibility criteria in any given year. 
  5. Selection criteria, and person(s) responsible for selection. 
  6. Procedures in the event that no one is selected. 
  7. Content of the award—i.e., a book, money, etc.—and how it will be paid for. If funding is from external donors, please be in touch with the University Advancement Office. 
  8. Number of other awards in the department, with an explanation of why this one should be added and how it is different from the others. The limit is three per department for recogni-tion at Honors Convocation. 
  9. Requests for new awards need to be submitted to Faculty Council by December 1 of the year when they are first to be awarded.