Faculty Handbook

60.02 Textbooks

Revised September 7, 2015

Faculty members should request that students purchase their textbooks early. The Bookstore will begin making returns to publishers the fifth week of classes. If a faculty member is using several books (such as novels) and would like the Bookstore to hold any of them past this time, please send a memo to the Bookstore stating the date they will be needed--otherwise the books will be returned.

Deadlines in the textbook ordering cycle are very important.

The Bookstore endeavors to buy back as many books from students as possible. However, in order to do this, a signed book order from the faculty member is required. In an attempt to save students money, the Bookstore also buys used books from wholesalers. Also, please keep in mind that most college and university bookstores are ordering about the same time. Therefore, the later orders are received the more likely books will be unavailable and will leave the Bookstore with less time to correct shipping errors. As a general rule Spring book orders are due mid-October, Summer are due mid-March, and Fall are due mid-April. If a faculty member has any special requests, questions, or concerns, he or she should not hesitate to call the Bookstore at ext. 2971.