Faculty Handbook

60.13 Faculty Absences

Revised September 7, 2015

Faculty members are responsible for meeting all scheduled classes. If a faculty member must be absent due to illness or other reasonable cause, he or she should notify the department chair; if the chair is not available, notify the office of the appropriate dean who will contact the department chair. 

Meaningful alternative assignments or make-up classes should be scheduled to compensate for any classes missed. Faculty members should notify the department chair of all scheduled classes that do not meet. If a faculty member seems to be absent too often, the department chair should discuss this with him or her and, if necessary, with the appropriate Dean. In those cases where absence can be anticipated, the faculty member has the responsibility to inform students far enough in advance to prevent needless travel. Because Arcadia has a fairly large commuter population, instructors should develop a communication chain, e.g., phone, e-mail addresses, posting on Blackboard to notify students of emergency cancellations due to faculty absence or due to inclement weather when the University officially closes or opens late. 

If a person has a unique professional opportunity that requires absence from the campus for more than one week, he or she must get prior approval from the department chair and from the appropriate Dean. The faculty member is responsible for making arrangements to cover his or her classes and other on-campus obligations and the department chair and the appropriate Dean must also approve these arrangements. Permission will be given only in exceptional cases, i.e., where the activity cannot be done during a sabbatical, during the summer, or any other time of the year, and is a significant professional activity. Final authority will rest with the appropriate Dean.