Fall 2020 Health and Safety Plan for Returning to Campus

Campus Gatherings and Events

Revised July 8, 2020

Limitations will be placed on the size of events and number of individuals gathering in accordance with guidance and recommendations for social distancing in indoor and outdoor environments. Space reservations will take into account additional needs for staffing, set-up, health and safety measures, and proper cleaning guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The University’s academic needs remain a priority for space reservations.

Student Club and Organization Activities

Conference and Events Services will provide approval for in-person student organization events in compliance with proper use of on-campus spaces and physical distancing guidelines. The maximum size for events will be determined in compliance with governmental and health officials’ recommendations for campus space. Events will only be approved for members of the University community. Any student group or campus organization that reserves or uses campus space must agree to sanitize the area before and after usage by wiping in and wiping out of the area.

Engagement and New Student Programs will provide tools and training to assist student clubs and organizations with their organization and event planning for the coming year. Engagement and New Student Programs will promote the use of virtual
meetings and programming.

Department-Sponsored Events

Departments should explore alternative ways to host meetings and events online. Anyone wishing to schedule an in-person event must take into consideration the amount of space available, number of guests or participants, and location.

External Events

Anyone scheduling or planning an event involving external guests should explore alternative ways to facilitate, as external events will be limited in the fall 2020 semester. Campus buildings and spaces, when not in use for academic classes or approved events, will be secured to prevent unauthorized use of space. The University may reschedule or cancel any planned event for health or safety precautions.


Groups and gatherings increase the risk of contracting COVID-19. All meetings should be held online, where possible. Campus communications should focus on modes of email, phone calls, texting, or Zoom online collaboration rather than face-to-face expectations.