First-Year Study Abroad Experience (FYSAE) in Stirling

FYSAE at the University of Stirling

FYSAE students will experience campus life at the University of Stirling, located just outside the city of Stirling, Scotland. As part of FYSAE, you will take a full course load at the university and live in on-campus residence halls with other first-year Scottish and international students.


As an FYSAE student studying at the University of Stirling, you will be able to choose from a variety of courses which have been approved to fulfill Arcadia Undergraduate Curriculum (AUC) degree requirements. These courses are offered in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences. The credits you will earn apply toward your Arcadia Bachelor’s degree and the grades are included in your Arcadia University GPA.

The FYSAE program is fully integrated at the University of Stirling. Arcadia University staff members based in Edinburgh will be in regular contact with you to monitor academic progress, facilitate cultural adjustment and assure an ongoing personal connection to Arcadia University. Offered courses vary from year to year; below is an example of what past students have taken:

  • REQUIRED - SCOT SOSI 149 - Ingenuity of Scotland: An Exploration of Global and Social Impact (AUC Equivalent: GR)
  • BIOU2IP Introduction to Physiology (AU Note: Take with SCI2FS to fulfill BI102, NP)
  • RELU912 Religion, Colonialism and Nationalism (AU Equivalent: RE 185)
  • SCIU2FS Practical Science Skills II: Field Skills *To take this class, students must be majoring in biology. (AU Note: Take with BIO21P to fulfill BI102, NP)

Life at the University of Stirling

FYSAE students will be housed in on-campus residence halls at the University of Stirling. Students will live with Scottish and other international undergraduate students. As there is no meal plan, the residence halls are self-catered, providing a kitchen on each floor for residents to share and prepare food.

The University of Stirling, well-known for excellence in teaching and a high-quality student experience, offers students a lovely and safe campus setting, with the park-like location is only a short bus ride away from the town of Stirling.

Student Stories of Stirling FYSAE

Important Dates

Fall Semester 2018 (Spring 2019 dates coming soon!)
  • August 24: Arrive for New Student Orientation in Glenside
  • August 29: Depart from the U.S.
  • August 30: Arrive in London
  • August 31-September 2: FYSAE Welcome Weekend
  • September 2: Arrive in Edinburgh; orientation begins
  • September 4: Orientation ends
  • September 4-8: Homestay
  • September 9: University of Stirling orientation
  • September 10: Classes begin
  • October 22-26: Semester break (no classes!)
  • December 15: Program Concludes/Return Flight to the U.S.
Spring Semester 2019
  • Early January: Departure for Edinburgh
  • January: Orientation in Edinburgh
  • Mid-January: Classes begin
  • February: Semester break (no classes!)
  • Mid-May: Program Concludes/Return Flight to the U.S.