Majors Abroad Programs (MAPs)

About the programs

Majors Abroad Programs (MAPs) require an academic year (two semesters) of study abroad. Students in MAPs will usually spend their junior year abroad, returning to Arcadia's Glenside campus in order to complete an integrative senior capstone project.

Global Media Major

Global Media offers a vast array of career opportunities in the fields of media, entertainment, and creative industries in the knowledge economy. You have a multitude of options to develop your interests, skills and talents in a variety of areas. You are required to spend two full-time semesters abroad taking courses in yur chosen concentration. 

Spanish Cultural Studies

You will spend at least one year abroad in Granada, Spain. The Spanish Cultural Studies major assumes you have mastered the language component and will focus on the study of specific areas such as the culture, art, history, politics, geography, literature, cinema, music, or the economy of the Iberian Peninsula.

Italian Studies

The Italian Studies major centers its core of courses in language skills, culture, literature, cinema, and the arts. The most significant aspect of this major is the requirement for you to spend at least one year in Perugia, Italy and completing your major courses. 

French Studies

The French Studies major provides in-depth study of France and its civilization. You will spend at least one year in France providing unique exposure that allows you to immerse yourself in French language and culture.