Study Abroad Programs for Arcadia Students

The College of Global Studies (TCGS)

Unique to Arcadia, TCGS provides a variety study abroad opportunities for Arcadia students for a traditional semester, academic year, or summer.  With the programs listed below,  institutional financial aid as well as state and federal financial aid can be applied to the cost of a program. The Office of Study Away advisers can further explain the process.

Summer Programs

OSA will help you explore summer programs as well. These programs work a bit differently than the programs listed above especially when it comes to financial aid. For questions, contact OSA at 215-572-8514.  

Arcadia Affiliate Programs

In addition to the options above, Arcadia has partnered with international universities to offer more opportunities for students. For these programs, a student’s institutional financial aid as well as their state and federal financial aid can be applied to the cost of the program. These programs work differently than TCGS programs so speak with an OSA study away adviser for more information.


South Korea

External Programs

It is also possible to study abroad on a program not affiliated with Arcadia University.    This option requires more initiative on the part of the student, but is certainly viable. We strongly encourage students to begin this process at least a year in advance. For assistance, contact OSA at 215-572-8514.


FYSAE, Preview, and Global Field Study

The First-Year Study Abroad Experience (FYSAE) allows invited first-year students to begin their education with a global perspective in the first or second semester of freshman year.

First Year Study Abroad Experience

Arcadia has pioneered a number of programs, focused on a specific subject that includes a one to two week travel component.

Short-Term International Experiences