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Publications and websites to support Ecology and Environmental Science through casual reading and investigation

American Entomologist  "...Information and thought-provoking dialogue about the practice, value, and impact of insect science across a diverse entomological community." A partially open-access journal of the Entomological Society of America.

Conservation Science and Practice  "...Papers that expand conservation knowledge ranging from practical experience to advances in theory." An open-access journal of the Society for Conservation Biology.

Freshwater Science  "...Articles that advance understanding and environmental stewardship of all types of inland aquatic ecosystems (lakes, rivers, streams, reservoirs, subterranean, and estuaries) and ecosystems at the interface between aquatic and terrestrial habitats (wetlands, riparian areas, and floodplains). A partially open-access journal of the Society for Freshwater Scientists.

Herpetological Reviews  "...Articles and notes concerning the study of amphibians and reptiles..." A partially open-access journal of the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles.

Issues in Ecology  "...Uses commonly-understood language to report the consensus of a panel of scientific experts on issues related to the environment." A publication of the Ecological Society of America.

Spyhopper  "...Plays an essential role in keeping our members and supporters well-informed about contemporary issues in cetacean protection and welfare, and educating our constituents about the conservation and policy issues we support." A magazine of the American Cetacean Society.

Wildfire  "...Stories, challenges, research, setbacks, solutions, perspectives, and progress..." A magazine of the International Association of Wildland Fire.


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