Fall 2022

Network Updates

As part of our Digital Transformation initiative, the work of modernizing and updating our network infrastructure started in the fall of 2019. This summer, we completed the critical second phase by replacing all (151) old and outdated network switches in academic, residential, and administrative buildings. By removing the bottlenecks (old switches) to network capacity in the buildings and adding modern high-capacity switches, we have increased campus bandwidth by twenty fold. The aging battery backup that supports the network equipment was causing issues in several of our buildings including the Delaware campus. We have worked with our colleagues in the Facilities department to replace and update many of these. We expect that with these significant updates, there should be a tangibly better WiFi experience in classrooms, offices and residence halls.

Printing, Scanning and Network Shares


To ensure that you are able to print to your office printers (will have a Fraser ID sticker with the name of the printer), please make sure your computer is pointed to the right printer.  Please use the Mapping Your Network Printer instructions to easily set that up.  

In preparation for the start of the semester, Fraser will be visiting each device with a Fraser ID and performing preventative maintenance.  Print release stations (Follow me printing) on student printers will be made available by August 26th.


To ensure proper data security, scanning and storing documents will have to follow the data classification standards.  We have created a separate scan folder for each department.  These are designated for scanning documents from multifunctional printer (MFP) devices.  Data, especially Level 1 Restricted and Level 2 Sensitive data, should not be stored in these folders.  Please move any Level 1 and Level 2 data to the appropriate application or secure storage location.  Once you have copied the files, please remove them from the scan folder within 5 business days.

For detailed instructions on how to scan and store documents, please click here. 

If you have large or specialized scanning or copying needs, Mail and Print is available to assist. You can contact Mailandprint@arcadia.edu with any inquiries. 

Network Shares

Arcadia University Information Technology Offers multiple types of network-based storage, each with a specific purpose and types of data that can and cannot be stored within them.

Google Drive

This is your individual network storage that can be used to backup and store data that is Level 3 Internal and Level 4 Public. Access to this folder is restricted to you and you only; permissions cannot be expanded and this folder is not meant for collaboration. Please use Google Shared Drive for collaboration.  

Department Share

The department shared folders are provisioned with access granted by each department. For example, if you are a member of the Information Technology team, you will have access to the main Information Technology shared folder. If your department/division has departments within it, you will have access based on your department structure. For example, if you are a member of the Information Technology department and are on the Help Desk team, you will have access to the Help Desk folder within the Information technology department share; you will not have access to the other sub-department shared folders within your department share unless it was specifically assigned with permission from the department head.

If you require modifications to your department shared folder access, a Shared Folder Request Form will need to be submitted. For more information about this procedure, please see the Shared Folder Permissions Request Procedure.

Classroom Updates

This summer, we’ve made several improvements to classroom technology and some of them are listed below:

  • We have a dedicated phone line to respond to in-class technology issues. If you are teaching and encounter a technical issue, we want to respond to it with the urgency it warrants. To get help, call 215-572-2898 and press 2.
  • We addressed the stability and reduced login times of podium PCs and Lab computers.

Information and data Security

Security Incident Response Plan

We worked closely with our vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer) at GreyCastle Security to build a Security Incident Response Plan. This plan was tailored to Arcadia University and all Security Incident Response Team members completed a training session and immersive tabletop exercises to test the plan in action.

Information Security Training

All faculty and staff will be enrolled in an updated Information Security Awareness campaign using KnowBe4. Additional resources will also be available to help train our community and data security and data handling.  In addition, Information Technology is partnering with the Training Committee to provide more training and awareness resources on this topic.

Digital Learning Services

Digital Learning Services supports faculty and staff in All Modes teaching and learning. Support opportunities include workshops and personalized consultation sessions with an instructional designer/technologist that focuses on engaging tools and resources. View the resources below for more information and support options.   

Last year, we brought exciting guest speakers like Flower Darby and Dan Levy to speak with you.  Mark your calendar for the next one and join the discussion with James M. Lang, author of “Distracted: Why Students Can't Focus and What You Can Do About It” on September 23rd (12-1 PM).  We will also be reaching out to you with opportunities to participate in external faculty-focused professional conferences and in-house training and workshops.

  • Instructor Toolkit

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications supports many of the software applications that are used throughout the University such as our student information system, PowerCampus, and many others.