Administrative Technology

About Us

The Administrative Technology team provides a wide variety of services. Here are some of the main things we do:

  • Support and maintain the campus administrative systems, and the databases that run them. You can even see the current status of some of them.
  • Create integrations that share data between the many administrative systems
  • Create and maintain the suite of customized reports, known as IT Reports
  • Create and maintain custom web applications and utilities
  • Provide analysis and assistance to administrative  and academic departments to help improve business processes and operational efficiency
  • Provide 3rd-level support for the User Services team 

Plus, we all just really like bears!


Helen Finkelstein

SQL Developer

(215) 517-2582

Scott P. Grabus

Director of Enterprise Applications

(215) 572-8515

Terry Lee Green

Senior Programmer Analyst

(215) 572-2784

Tyler Jacob Mitchell

Adjunct Professor

(215) 517-2384

Helvi Nujoma

Senior Programmer Analyst

(215) 572-2783

Jesse Rice

Senior Programmer Analyst

(215) 517-2621

James Winter

Senior Programmer Analyst

(215) 517-2588

Anupama Yalamanchi

Senior Programmer Analyst

(215) 572-2927