Making an Appointment


  • Call 215-572-2967 to make a CONFIDENTIAL appointment.
  • The administrative staff will arrange a time that you can meet with a counselor. 
  • If you are calling because you have violated the campus Alcohol and Other Drug Policy, please let the administrative staff know. 


  • If you or someone you know is affected by substance use.
  • If you have violated the alcohol and other drug policy and are mandated by Student Affairs.
  • If you would like information related to substance use or abuse.
  • If you would like referral information to support groups, outside treatment providers.
  • If you are doing a class project and need some help.

What to Expect

  • A non-judgmental environment to explore your alcohol and other drug use.
  • An assessment done with a counselor, either SASSI or Briefer Drinker.
  • Assess your alcohol consumption patterns, history and related issues.
  • Goals are selected by you and aimed at reducing risky behaviors and harmful consequences of drinking and other drug use.